torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

Reeeeeeeeeeemix pressure commence!

Strong is the sixth studio album from American alternative hip-hop group Arrested Development, released in January 2010. Just finally got thru lilstening to this album. Okay its not hot off the press and been out already a year. Had not heard any of the tracks previously.
2 years ago I may have said and thought hiphop really is dead. However there are still a few soldiers out there who are pushin' their own thing, and thus making me change my mind set on that kind of thinking. Arrested Development be one of them. Pushin' positive vibez with meaningful lyrics. Just a refreshing change from all that generic gangsta rap, that at the end of the day really just is talkin' loud..ain't sayinä nuthin'! So its nice to hear some feel good music and some deep lyrics.
One of the major success stories of 1992, Arrested Development are a progressive rap collective fusing soul, blues, hip-hop, and Sly & the Family Stone-influenced funk with political, socially conscious lyrics. The group was founded in the late '80s by rapper Speech and DJ Headliner, who decided to make the transition to a more positive, Afrocentric viewpoint after hearing Public Enemy. Arrested Development's debut album took its title from the amount of time it took the group to secure a record contract; 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of... produced the hit single "Tennessee," a strongly spiritual track that hit the Top Ten and sparked the album to sell over four million copies. 
Bloody is the 6th track on their latest album Strong and now im pushin' fwd on the remix for that and wired baby! The thing that grabbed me most about this track was its  post-def jam Public enemy feel. Pure groove n soul!

1. Haters
2. Too Much Woman For Ya
3. The World Is Changing
4. La La La
5. Let Your Voice Be Heard
6. Bloody
7. Greener
8. The World Is A Friendly Place
9. Any Tree But That
10. We Rad We Doin' It
11. So Authentic
12. Granola Girl
13. A Truce
14. The World Is changing (DJ Hasebe Remix)

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