maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On

As of late music has really been going great. Like my buddy Fanu said "wish there was more hours in a day" to do this stuff. My d'n'b remix of a hiphop classic (classified topsecret as of still) was finnished today and mixed down. Sounding fat! More information to come on this remix project in the very near future. Thrilled about this one. Gonna be big baby!

It also looks like I will have the pleasure of remixing a tune for Arrested Development.
Still remember them guys from back in the day. They are still bangin' it out and back stronger than ever with some super soulful vibez. There is still hope for hiphop indeed! So just waiting for some files from them, and will commence work on that asap. An honor and a pleasure.

Signing off for now with AD's classic Tennessee..check it!

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