lauantai 17. joulukuuta 2011

CX music in upcoming film "Errand Boys"

Its been what seems like ages since I last updated my blog. Took me a minute to actually remember how =) Rainy helsinki day, perfect for a little blogging. Been very busy and prolific with the beats which is good.

Concentrating on all different styles under my CX production alias. Slower, cinematic type stuff mostly, refreshing change really. My track Dirty Little Secrets will be used in a chase scene.

As far as I know the film is done and in its final stages of editing and sound sync. Due out in 2012.

The film features Brian Anthony Wilson (from "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper and HBO's "The Wire") and
Stink Fisher (from Mark Wahlberg's "Invincible").

The concept of the movie is 2 hitmen, 2 gangsters, and 1 bounty hunter are all trying to track down one stolen car. There is a love interest in the movie and a strange fatherly type relationship between one of the hitmen and a teenage homeless girl. This movie will be rated R for violence, language, and situation. And you will be extremely dissapointed to know that there is no nudity in this film. Bummer!

These things always take a while so when I know more will defo blog more on this with deeper details.

Peace out!


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