maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

"Stay High"- Bamboo Bros remix joint

"Stay High" A track that came out a little over a year ago (which I still just love to bits) by US based hiphop outfit the Bamboo Bros via Benchmark Music is now up for remix duty. Feel good vibes in the house! Next project I need to get with!

The Bamboo Bros are re-energizing hip hop with a sound brand new and way back. Kurious Jorge brings the seasoned, effortless flow and Dave Dar, the fresh,trusted ear. Their talents overlap, Jorge, a consumer of all genres, Dar, an agile MC, together making a music light and strong as bamboo. Both Uptown sons with Tropical Roots, Jorge and Dar were friends before they were collaborators, admirers of each other’s tastes and styles. They match lush, dirty beats made fromreal instrumentation and ancient samples with seductive, hopeful lyrics. This is music to rock in a hammock or subway car, to build a philosophy or family by, hip hop that digs deep to rise up.
Stay High the Video!

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