torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2011

Respecto Mundo!

Every now and then I feel its important to remember peeps that have helped you a long the way.Namely on my musical journey. Massive shout outs in no particular order to Willem Vili Milicevic my main man and studio guru/ multi-instrumentalist out there in Zagreb who has been puttin' it down for me.
Finland's Mr.Jani Lehtinen keyboard extraordinaire, My brotha from another mother Flatline (my main connect). Timo "Navel9" Newton-Syms for all the website help thru-out the years, much appreciated. Last but not least Fanu the breaks samurai for getting me started with Ableton, and all the helpful tips.
Great bit of kit! Big respect y'all!! 2011 big things on the rise! 

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